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DCT28 – February 22, 2011

The next DemoCamp Toronto is happening on Feb 22, 2011.

Mark Ruddock (@markruddockLinkedInblog) is going to kick off the night. Mark is going to talk about “Important Lessons learned after 10 Years of being at the helm of VC backed Startups”. Every entrepreneur can learn from Mark’s experience pitching to VCs, maximizing the value of a company at sale, and just building, growing and running a successful startup in Toronto.

#DCT28 – The Dirty Details

February 22, 2011
6:30 – 9 PM EST
Engineering Lecture Hall @ George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, Ryerson University, 245 Church Street
Register to attend:
Sold out!

We are looking for amazing entrepreneurs & demos

The goal at DemoCamp has been to provide a platform for local companies to launch, get product or pitch feedback, to establish a presence for recruiting, to help with PR and social media awareness. We try to get a group of highly connected and apparently highly cynical entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, investors and others in a room to watch entrepreneurs in a safe environment. It’s something between a graduate seminar and a show. The goal is to demo your product and get feedback about your demo, your design, your market, etc. You decide. (It’s a work in progress, but it’s a social event).

We’re also looking for up to 5 startups or entrepreneurs to demo a new technology. Selected presenters get 5 minutes to show us the best of their application and then ask the audience for feedback, coaching, and insight from a highly connected cynical crowd. You get market advice, technology advice, pitch/presentation advice.

Startups seeking advice should apply to demo.

apply to demo


  • KPMG
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence
  • StartupNorth
  • StartMeUpRyerson

Montreal – Dec 2, 2009

career democamp montreal

PHP Quebec & ConFoo are hosting a Career DemoCamp on Wednesday, December 2,2009 in Montreal. It’s a very interesting concept, the goal is to introduce local developers to startups and other web projects for the purpose of employment. Apparently, Microsoft is paying for the space as part of TechDays Montreal and Joey, bless his heart, is giving back to the community.

The evening starts with a career workshop with sessions by:

DemoCamp has always been a great way for local companies to raise their profile in the development community. The goal to share what you’ve been working on with a larger group of individuals to get feedback, to raise awareness, to raise funding, to hire new employees, to get new people building on your API, etc. It’s great to see Joey and Jean-Luc Sans Cartier doing something different to engage the community in Montreal.

iCal File

Career DemoCamp Montreal iCal File

Date : Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009 at 6:30pm (20091202T18:30-05:00)
Centre Mont-Royal
2200, rue Mansfield Montréal, QC, H3A 3R8 [map]
International Room One
Tickets: http://careerdemocamp.eventbrite.com/