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Ottawa on Feb 2, 2011

DemoCamp Ottawa

Scott Annan announced that DemoCamp Ottawa will be happening on February 2, 2011.

So… if you’re interested in presenting your project, I urge you to signup on theDemoCamp website.  Next week I’ll send out a poll and ask everyone who’s signed up (and StartupOttawa readers) to select which startups you’d like to see present.

If you’ve never attended a DemoCamp, I highly encourage you to come out and see the presentations and meet some awesome local entrepreneurs.  Check out the details below.

When: Wednesday, February 2nd, 6pm
Where: Mercury Grove HQ (738A Bank St, Suite 205)
Info (or to present): DemoCamp Website
Signup: Here

November 4 in Ottawa

DemoCamp Ottawa

Following the announcement of the Mercury Grove Shelter for Startups, the gang in Ottawa continues to run events that engage and connect the entrepreneurial developer, designer and marketer community. The next DemoCamp Ottawais happening on November 4, 2010.

The Nitty Gritty Details

There’s a great list of presentations already on the wiki.

  1. WebCollaboration webcollaboration.com (Patrick Pichette of MercuryGrove.com)
  2. Wiser Wallet - www.wiserwallet.com (Jean-Francois Bibeau and Maxime Maltais)
  3. Tadagraph - web’s 1st online co-working space (Ivan Paramonau of Itteco.com)
  4. TweetMyShows – Twitter Client designed to enhance TV Shows and Live Events (Rich Loen of InGenius)
  5. CLF CrowdSourcing - www.ascentum.com (Ellis Eastwood of Ascentum)

Waiting list (in case of cancellations):

  1. Arkli Inc (www.arkli.com) (Mike Potter of Arkli).  Social marketing campaign management tool.
  2. SWIX’s latest product:  Social Marketer (beta).  Track your social media promotions and ROI.  Craig Fitzpatrick, SWIX.
  3. ThreeDify Inc (www.threedify.com) (Dan Jiang Of ThreeDify). 3D/4D charts and graphs in MS Excel.

Ottawa – April 15

DemoCamp Ottawa

DemoCamp is great opportunity to demo your application that may be a work in progress, close to release or even in full production. The room will be filled with fellow developers, designers, marketers and other professionals interested in startups and web applications. A great crowd to garner some valuble feedback, find a collborator, potential clients and employees.  

Please keep in mind that no powerpoint slides are allowed! only working applications. We will do our best to have a reliable internet connection available and will follow up with all those who have signed up for demos to go over what is available. 

Looks like a roadtrip to Ottawa.

DemoCamp Ottawa # 12

democampottawaLooks like the gang in Ottawa is at it again. The goal has always to have a strong network of locally driven events and entrepreneurs. I’ve been in Ottawa a fair bit in the past couple of months (Social Media Breakfast, StartupDrinks, and I’m hoping to get back for DemoCamp).

DemoCamp events are great events to get feedback from a friendly community. You can use the event to build local profile to help find funding, to help with recruiting, to help practice your demo, and make sure that you expect feedback from the participants. It is a great way to start to get outside feedback on a company, an idea, a product, your pitch, etc. Use it appropriately.