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November 4 in Ottawa

DemoCamp Ottawa

Following the announcement of the Mercury Grove Shelter for Startups, the gang in Ottawa continues to run events that engage and connect the entrepreneurial developer, designer and marketer community. The next DemoCamp Ottawais happening on November 4, 2010.

The Nitty Gritty Details

There’s a great list of presentations already on the wiki.

  1. WebCollaboration webcollaboration.com (Patrick Pichette of MercuryGrove.com)
  2. Wiser Wallet - www.wiserwallet.com (Jean-Francois Bibeau and Maxime Maltais)
  3. Tadagraph - web’s 1st online co-working space (Ivan Paramonau of Itteco.com)
  4. TweetMyShows – Twitter Client designed to enhance TV Shows and Live Events (Rich Loen of InGenius)
  5. CLF CrowdSourcing - www.ascentum.com (Ellis Eastwood of Ascentum)

Waiting list (in case of cancellations):

  1. Arkli Inc (www.arkli.com) (Mike Potter of Arkli).  Social marketing campaign management tool.
  2. SWIX’s latest product:  Social Marketer (beta).  Track your social media promotions and ROI.  Craig Fitzpatrick, SWIX.
  3. ThreeDify Inc (www.threedify.com) (Dan Jiang Of ThreeDify). 3D/4D charts and graphs in MS Excel.