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DemoCampToronto17 – The Schedule

    There were fantastic submissions. Here is who is presenting for DemoCampToronto17.

    • SceneCaster by Alain Chesnais
      We will demo the SceneCaster 3D solution with our recently announced SceneWeaver technology that allows you to view inter linked 3D scenes on *ANY* XHTML ready device. If you have native 3D support available, we will take advantage of it. But you don’t need to be on a high end gaming PC to work with SceneCaster. We will show the solution working on an iPod Touch to demonstrate that we have “3D anywhere” technology available today.
    • PlanetEye presented by Butch Langlois
      PlanetEye is a new online travel guide with a difference. We’re combining beautiful travel photographs, mapping technology and advice from locals and travelers to give people a real sense of destinations around the world.
    • AskItOnline presented by Kaitlyn MacLachlan
      AskItOnline is a “web 2.0″ online service that allows you to easily create and deploy your surveys online. Using a drag ‘n drop interface along with AJAX and other client-side code, creating a survey has never been easier!
    • GigPark presented by Pema Hagen & Noah Godfrey
      GigPark is a way to find services with the help of your friends. TorCampers have already recommended their favourite web designers, blog hosting companies, startup lawyers, commercial real estate agents, office cleaners, accountants, and logo designers. We’re going to show everyone how they can use GigPark to find the service providers they need to help run their startups (and their lives).
    • .NET Development on a Mac presented by Geoff Norton
      The Mono project has just released our first version of MonoDevelop running natively on the Mac (no X11). We think its a compelling (and free) alternative to booting up VMWare/Parallels and running Visual Studio.

    And we have a few Ignite Presentations to round out the evening, including:

    • Social Services Mashup presented by Clara Severino
      he Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) and Partnership Platform, which acts a catalyst between non-profits and the IT sector, have partnered to explore more intuitive and user-friendly approaches to locating services and organizations of interest in Ontario’s neighbourhoods.The main objective for the project is to amalgamate both privately and publicly available data from various online sources, to develop a centralized database of services and organizations of interest to newcomers to Ontario’s neighbourhoods in order to provide users with an interactive visual representation of desired services mapped to a specified region. The potential for expansion of services and customization in the future is huge! A number of non-profit organizations have already expressed interest in using this application for their own audience.Our intention is to get feedback from the tech community to improve our solution and raise awareness of the impact of technology on the non-profit sector.This innovative initiative is a great way of getting both the non-profit sector and the tech community to come together to improve quality of life.
    • The Future is Simple presented by Geo Perdis
      I would like to talk about the future of communications and my belief that it is simple. That is to say that simplicity will rule in a world where more and more media come at us faster and faster and compete for our finite attention.This presentation would be an extension of a micromedia riff that I did back in November 2007 for a micromedia meetup. See http://micromediameetup.pbwiki.com/FrontPage and
      http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2007/11/01/answers-are-in-whats-the-future-of-communciations/With respect to selecting this talk, I think that I can provide a balanced perspective on some unique services possibilities and opportunities that the Toronto-area technology and media community can lead in defining, developing and deploying here and around the world.In turn, I would hope that the community would get some additional insights as to what we can do locally that is unique and original to our circumstances, conditions and location.
    • Leveraging Things Wide Open presented by Mike Beltzner, Mozilla
    • How to Rock presented by Rannie Turigan
    • The State of Wireless in Canada Sucks presented by Tom Purves