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Go west to Guelph on Sept 30, 2009



The Waterloo region gang is hard at work. First on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 there is StartupDrinks Waterloo. And the following night, September 30, there is StartupDrinks happening in Toronto, Montreal and  Ottawa. But if you live in Waterloo Region do not fret. You don’t have to make the precarious drive to downtown Toronto. You can go to Guelph, for DemoCamp.

Anyone in and around Guelph interested in software, the web and technology! Startup junkies, wage slaves, consultants, students, indie professionals, engineers, designers, money and marketing guys. If you want to see and talk about some interesting things, and get to know other people in the Guelph tech community, come on out! You don’t have to demo to attend.

Make sure you register to help the organizers know how much free beer to buy!

Invited Speaker

Mathew Ingram will be talking with us about how the Globe is trying to think more like a startup. Mathew is the Communities Editor of the Globe and Mail, a technology blogger and co-founder of the annual mesh conference in Toronto