Recap: DemoCamp Edmonton 13

Originally from StartupEdmonton and MasterMaq.

DemoCamp Edmonton 13

We had five demos:

  • Scott Montgomerie showed us My Edmonton, an app he originally developed with a few other people at Edmonton’s first Startup Weekend. It started life as a real estate app, but evolved to be more of a local utility, with information on events, news, property info, and nearby services. My Edmonton is available both on the web and as an iPhone app. You can learn more at the blog.
  • Our second demo was from Yegor Jbanov, who showed us Deckle, an online print job automation tool. Targeted at the professional printing industry, Deckle integrates with Adobe Creative Suite and supports precision printing, such as for cheques which have strict requirements on layout and positioning. Yegor said that if you can do it with InDesign, you can pretty much do with with Deckle.
  • Mo Hamdan was up next, to show us Promptu Manager, a tool for managing fixed assets. Promptu is a Windows application, with a user interface very reminiscent of accounting packages such as Simply Accounting or Quick Books. Unfortunately the demo didn’t go as smoothly as Mo had hoped. It’s difficult to make a series of data entry screens interesting, I guess.
  • Our fourth demo was from Trevor MacDonald, who showed us The idea is to leverage your social network to help you sell stuff. Let’s say you have a car that you want to get rid of. You can offer a reward and then get your friends to “plug” your listing, and if their assistance leads to an eventual sale, they can claim part of the reward. is in beta (they are having a launch party tonight) but looks pretty polished and definitely has some potential. You can learn more at Brittney’s blog.
  • Our final demo was from Andrew Czarnietzki, who works at 3DI (here’s a profile I did in 2009). He showed us a game he developed in his spare time that makes use of some of the interesting technology available to him at 3DI, such as pureLIGHT. It was really interesting in that it used “weird geography” and light as its unique features. When you fired your weapon, for instance, the light would bend around the geometrical shapes in the game. Looks like it would be a fun game to play on Xbox Live or something like that!

DemoCamp Edmonton 13As a fan of open data and local apps, I really enjoyed My Edmonton. If you haven’t seen it before, check it out. I think is a neat concept as well, and everyone really seemed to enjoy the demo. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of uptake it gets. My favorite demo was probably the game though – I love it when developers experiment with stuff just because they love it. Who knows, maybe one day Andrew’s game will be available on Xbox Live!

A few announcements:

Thanks to everyone who came out to lucky number 13. See you at DemoCamp Edmonton 14!

Guelph in February

DemoCamp Guelph 15 - November 15, 2010I’m heading back to Guelph on February 9, 2011 to speak at DemoCampGuelph. I will be spending the day at Guelph Coworking talking startups, hiring and other things. I am still trying to figure out what to speak about in my 20 minute session at DemoCampGuelph. I had been thinking about the following things:

  • Why startups shouldn’t hire a marketer from Microsoft (and I promise not to read April’s brillant post aloud, well at least not word for word)
  • Press, PR and story telling – What you can learn from how we pick stories at StartupNorth

I’m happy to regale folks with the story about DemoCamp, or about how I ended up at Microsoft or why I left, or about anything.

Add a comment below with suggestions.

Ottawa on Feb 2, 2011

DemoCamp Ottawa

Scott Annan announced that DemoCamp Ottawa will be happening on February 2, 2011.

So… if you’re interested in presenting your project, I urge you to signup on theDemoCamp website.  Next week I’ll send out a poll and ask everyone who’s signed up (and StartupOttawa readers) to select which startups you’d like to see present.

If you’ve never attended a DemoCamp, I highly encourage you to come out and see the presentations and meet some awesome local entrepreneurs.  Check out the details below.

When: Wednesday, February 2nd, 6pm
Where: Mercury Grove HQ (738A Bank St, Suite 205)
Info (or to present): DemoCamp Website
Signup: Here

Guelph on Nov 17, 2010

DemoCamp Guelph 15 - November 15, 2010It looks like Brydon and the gang in Guelph is kicking asses and taking names. They are hosting their fifteenth DemoCamp. This is fantastic. The line up is great. You can hear one of Canada’s most relentless Internet CEO’s, Mike McDerment, talk about his experiences in building FreshBooks. (Make sure that you check out the redesigned DemoCampGuelph web presence).

November 4 in Ottawa

DemoCamp Ottawa

Following the announcement of the Mercury Grove Shelter for Startups, the gang in Ottawa continues to run events that engage and connect the entrepreneurial developer, designer and marketer community. The next DemoCamp Ottawais happening on November 4, 2010.

The Nitty Gritty Details

There’s a great list of presentations already on the wiki.

  1. WebCollaboration (Patrick Pichette of
  2. Wiser Wallet - (Jean-Francois Bibeau and Maxime Maltais)
  3. Tadagraph - web’s 1st online co-working space (Ivan Paramonau of
  4. TweetMyShows – Twitter Client designed to enhance TV Shows and Live Events (Rich Loen of InGenius)
  5. CLF CrowdSourcing - (Ellis Eastwood of Ascentum)

Waiting list (in case of cancellations):

  1. Arkli Inc ( (Mike Potter of Arkli).  Social marketing campaign management tool.
  2. SWIX’s latest product:  Social Marketer (beta).  Track your social media promotions and ROI.  Craig Fitzpatrick, SWIX.
  3. ThreeDify Inc ( (Dan Jiang Of ThreeDify). 3D/4D charts and graphs in MS Excel.

DemoCamp Toronto 27 – Oct 6, 2010

Again it’s been a long time since we’ve had a DemoCamp in Toronto. The event has grown from a small group of startups, entrepreneurs and developers meeting in a board room to an auditorium packing show. Keeping with the big names and bright lights show format, I’m happy to announce DemoCamp Toronto # 27.

Big thanks go to our friend William Mougayar at Eqentia for his support in recruiting our keynote speaker:

Fred Wilson, Union Square VenturesFred Wilson of Union Square Ventures


  • Date: October 6, 2010 [Hold the Date - iCal]
  • Time: 11:30am – 3:30pm
  • Location: To be determined


The goal with ticket pricing has always been cost recovery. We’re having to pay for a venue this time around. The goal is to keep ticket prices at $25 or less. And to help manage demand during the workday, we will be live-streaming the keynote and demos. Sign up to be notified when tickets go live.

We need great demos

We’ve finalized the list of demoers for this DemoCamp.

This is a great set of early stage Toronto and region (Waterloo) based startups. Some of the folks are getting their second shot at a demo. It will be interesting to see how far they’ve come from their launch. I hope that everyone takes the time to understand the need for “wow” in the demo. And remember the goal is not to heckle but to give entrepreneurs a chance to show what they’ve been working on, how they’ve improved and to get feedback.

The core of these events are the demos. Why should you demo?

  • 6 minute on-stage presentation
  • 9 minutes of Q&A
  • Networking opportunities
    • Local media and investor awareness
    • Local talent and recruiting connections

We’re also looking for up to 5 local demos that match the investment thesis at Union Square Ventures. If you think your company has the right stuff then you should apply to demo.


We continue to run DemoCamp on a shoestring budget. Sure it sucks that it’s during the day. Sure it sucks that it costs $15. But we run these events at cost recovery. Sometimes we loose money (uhm, StartupEmpire anyone). Venue, food, Audio/Visual, and special things like a movie. They all cost money. BTW don’t forget the tax. The ticket price reflects the maximum we think people are willing to pay plus the maximum sponsorship amount we think we can cover. Did you know that for a theatre + A/V + special feature + lunch is about $30/person+tax, almost $34/person. So we reach out the community of companies and include the least amount of advertising and sponsorship. Make sure you check out:

  • Anand Agarawala and Bumptop! This is an EPIC sponsorship. You have to be at DemoCamp from 4pm-6pm to find out what it is.
  • Eqentia builds the a semantic publishing platform for knowledge tracking & competitive analysis
  • XtremeLabs is hiring agile engineers and ui designers for the hottest mobile development company on the planet.
  • Microsoft BizSpark jumpstart your startup and speed up your time to market.
  • FreshBooks is the fastest way to track time and invoice your clients.
  • Mercanix develops tools that enable organizations and their people to do good work.
  • Rob Hyndman is the bee’s knees & the cat’s pajama. Startups looking for a lawyer. Start here.
  • Rypple builds social software that makes workplace feedback easy and fun.
  • Dayforce is the an enterprise software company in Toronto. Hiring dev, qa, ui and sales ninjas.
  • Kontagent is a Facebook Fund funded startup that is hiring rockstar developers in Toronto.
  • OCE helping commercialize the next generation technologies like Bumptop & Sysomos.
  • KPMG Information, Communications & Entertainment (ICE) practice helps startups to succeed in turbulent markets.

These are organizations that are looking for funding, PR, and they are hiring. Are you a developer? designer? marketer? pr professional? Are you looking for a job? Make sure you check out each of these companies. They are part of our ecosystem. They support events like DemoCamp. And they make it possible for you to have a great experience.

Vancouver rocks on July 22, 2010

Our friends at Bootup Entrepreneurial Society in Vancouver are hosting DemoCamp Vancouver 11 – Back to Basics Edition on July 22, 2010.

The format goes back audience voting. Head to the event, post your demo on the grid, then you get 30 seconds to pitch why you should be given a demo slot. This is a great format that hopefully changes it from “show” back to community gathering.

There will be no featured presentations. We are going back to the old school DemoCamp schedule.


  • come in the door and post your demo idea on the board
  • 30 minutes of meeting other attendees (promote your idea, get votes!)
  • presentation process starts at 6:00pm
  • 30 second elevator pitches by all presenters
  • attendees vote on top 4
  • we will have 4 x 6 minute talks (time limit enforced, includes feedback time!)


When: Thurday, July 22nd

Where: Ceili’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, 670 Smithe St., Vancouver

Time: Registration at 5:30pm, Presentation process at 6:00pm


April Dunford in Guelph

DemoCamp Guelph
Did you know that the next DemoCampGuelph is happening Wednesday July 21, 2010 at the The Ebar (41 Quebec St., Guelph, ON)?

It’s a chance to see April Dunford talk about Startup Marketing. April brings a unique enterprise focused view of product development and marketing. She is a world-class speaker talking about product marketing, product development and go-to-market strategies for emerging companies. April provided the keynote in Toronto in March 2010.

Sign up to attend on Guestlistapp

DCG13 – April 14 in Guelph

DemoCamp Guelph

Brydon and the gang in Guelph are hosting the next DemoCamp Guelph on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at the The Ebar (41 Quebec St., Guelph, ON). They are hosting our good friend Rob Hyndman who is a co-organizer of #HoHoTO, MeshU, and Mesh Conference. He’s also startup lawyer to the high tech stars. You can follow Rob on Twitter.

It’s great to see the efforts to connect the community in Guelph.

Wrestlemania 26 DemoCamp

Wrestlemania 26 happened on Sunday, DemoCamp 26 was on Monday. Coincidence? Probably. We had some fun tussles with technology and time last night. Thank you everyone for coming out to DemoCamp Toronto # 26 last night. It was a great night. We’re always happy to get your feedback, suggestions and comments. The list of demos included:

There were a number of other links mentioned. You can find local tech calendar information at StartupNorth and YouSayYeah!.

If you are hiring or looking for a new gig, make sure you check out:

April added her presentation and commentary for startups. It’s really worth reading and walking through.

Ottawa – April 15

DemoCamp Ottawa

DemoCamp is great opportunity to demo your application that may be a work in progress, close to release or even in full production. The room will be filled with fellow developers, designers, marketers and other professionals interested in startups and web applications. A great crowd to garner some valuble feedback, find a collborator, potential clients and employees.  

Please keep in mind that no powerpoint slides are allowed! only working applications. We will do our best to have a reliable internet connection available and will follow up with all those who have signed up for demos to go over what is available. 

Looks like a roadtrip to Ottawa.