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DemoCamps in Hamilton, Guelph, Edmonton, Halifax

DemoCamp Hamilton 19

When: Monday December 3rd, 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Where: The Art Gallery of Hamilton – Joey and Toby Tanebaum Pavilion – 123 King Street West Hamilton, Ontario


Keynote Speaker


Jesse Rodgers


Creative Destruction Lab

University of Toronto

Jesse Rodgers is the Director of Creative Destruction Lab and has been in education and technology for the last 15 years. Prior to founding TribeHR (acquired by NetSuite in 2013), Jesse was Director and pioneer of the VeloCity program at the University of Waterloo. Jesse holds a M.Sc from the University of Liverpool and a B.A. from the University of Waterloo.


DemoCamp Guelph 19

When: Wednesday November 19th 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Where: The EBar @ 41 Quebec Street Guelph, Ontario


Invited Speaker

“I’m always excited about our speakers but trust me, you’re going to want to catch what Ben Yoskovitz has to say. Ben really has done it all. When it comes to startups, he’s founded, he’s invested, he’s been acquired, he’s incubated, and he’s even recently authored.

While Ben also brings a unique Canadian experience after having lived in Montreal, Halifax, and now Toronto, he’s able to call Guelph his hometown having grown up here.

Ben will be speaking about Death to the Wantrepreneur!”@Bydon


DemoCamp Edmonton 26

When: Tuesday November 18th 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Where: ETLC E1-013, University of Alberta


DemoCamp is an event that brings together developers, creatives, entrepreneurs and investors to share what they’ve been working on and to find others in the community interested in similar topics. For presenters, it’s a great way to get feedback on what you’re building from peers and the community, all in an informal setting. Started back in 2008, DemoCamp Edmonton has steadily grown into one of the largest in the country, with[masked] people attending each event.

The rules for DemoCamp are simple: 7 minutes to demo real, working products, followed by a few minutes for questions, and no slides allowed.


DemoCamp Halifax

When: Wednesday November 12th 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Where: Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building, 6100 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Register and full details:

Welcome note by the Mayor Mike Savage and Keynote Presentation by J.P. Morgan. After serving as Acting CEO from 2007 to 2010, J. P. Morgan now serves as CTO, leading on product design and new product development.

Student demos, startup demos and lightening round talks.

Hamilton, Edmonton, Guelph and Thunder Bay DemoCamps



April Dunford

Rocket Launch Marketing


April Dunford is the founder of Rocket Launch Marketing, providing advisory services to startups and growth-stage companies including help with marketing strategy, lead generation, messaging and positioning, inbound marketing, marketing and sales alignment and metrics. Previously April has been a marketing executive at 5 startups (Janna Systems, DataMirror, InfoBright, Sitraka, and Watcom) where she focused on sustainable growth through 4 acquisitions. She has also held executive marketing positions at IBM, Siebel Systems and Nortel. April also authors the popular startup marketing blog RocketWatcher.

When: Monday March 25th, 2012 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm 

Where: McMaster University – Twelve Eighty Student Pub




When: Wednesday November 6, 2013 from 6:45pm to 9:00pm 

Where: TELUS Centre 150, University of Alberta




Mike Kirkup will be joining us. Mike has deep experience in the mobile space after a long run with BlackBerry. The past few years he’s been entrenched in early stage startups in his role as Director of VeloCity at University of Waterloo.

When: Wednesday October 30, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Where: The EBar



Thunder Bay is also planning their 2nd DemoCamp for late November!


Upcoming DemoCamps across Canada

DemoCamp Hamilton 13

When: Tuesday September 24th from 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Where: Mohawk College (The Arnie pub) @ 135 Fennell Avenue West



Colin Ferguson


Co-Founder of Snakehead Games



As Managing Director of Snakehead Games, Colin Ferguson handles many of the business side functions. Primarily this means leading the strategic process and ensuring SHG has the right staff and all resources for effective implementation. C

After an International award-winning online Marketing career promoting others’ offerings, Colin started his own firms. He first developed an online social media startup, then in another venture built over 1000 high traffic websites. In 2008 he cofounded Snakehead Games and has not looked back.

Expect to see the world debut of three new video games produced locally in the demo line-up, as well as a cool new SaaS business, amongst other great built-in-Hamilton apps!


DemoCamp Edmonton 22

When: Wednesday September 18th from 6:45pm – 9:00pm
Where: TELUS Centre 150, University of Alberta @ 111 Street & 87 Avenue


DemoCamp Halifax 2013

When: Wednesday October 23rd from 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: TELUS Centre 150, University of Alberta @ 111 Street & 87 Avenue

Halifax DemoCamp 2013 will take place during HPX Digital.


Also, look out for upcoming DemoCamps in Guelph and Niagara soon!


November DemoCamps: Hamilton, Guelph and Niagara

DemoCamp Hamilton 9

When: Tuesday November 20th 2012 @ 6:30pm-9:30pm
Where: Twelve Eighty pub @ McMaster University

Keynote by Carol Leaman (@CarolLeaman) CEO of Axonify (@Axonify). Axonify combines principles of behavioral science with the best qualities of gamified and social software to result in a new approach to e-learning and employee awareness—one that empowers organizations to train faster, retain information effectively and perform better. Carol brings more than 20 years of leadership and technology executive experience to the company as she has a history of building start-ups into multi-million dollar successes.

DemoCamp Guelph 20

When: Tuesday November 27th 2012 @ 6:30pm-9:30pm
Where: The EBar

DemoCamp Niagara 2

When: Wednesday November 28th 2012 @ 6:00pm-9:00pm
Where: Red Hot Chili Pepper

Dr. Kevin Kee of Brock University’s Centre for Digital Humanities will present a keynote: The Future of the Past, or Why Historians Need to Work with Digital Media Developers.

Hamilton, Guelph and Toronto

May and June are busy months. There are a few friends and colleagues that continue to leverage the DemoCamp brand to help engage entrepreneurs, developers, code monkeys, hackers, marketers and others. We borrowed the 6 minute format from Demo. Rather than a chinwag about new technology or industry happenings, what better way than to spend 6 minutes and have someone show you want they’ve built. It forces way from the keyboards and out into the real world. It is a strange mix of presentations, improv and being social. It’s about being connected, being proud of what you’ve been working, and having the opportunity to meet others in the community with similar interests.

The focus in Toronto has been on startups. Because this is my interest. Others are free to shape event and the format to their locale. The question of “what is your business model?” is such a silly question. Because some of the coolest presentations – hacking digital cameras – are closer to hobbies or performance art. I love the mix of new businesses, emerging technology explorations, and something closer to Maker Faire demos.

My advice, is if you are interested in seeing the great startups, hackers and makers in your city are doing you should make sure you check out a DemoCamp. And encourage Brydon and Kevin to keep doing this for their own entertainment and connection. Maybe you might want to help out ;-)


DemoCampHamilton2 will feature a keynote presentation by Mic Berman, acting COO at FreshBooks and Founder at Embarkonit, as well as demos by FluidMediaDan ZenIndellientOpen Hamilton and MealDeck. It is happening in conjunction with Apps For Health 2011 conference at Mohawk College. You can show up around 5:00pm for a drink and some additional networking before heading over for DemoCamp at 7:00pm.


The invited speaker is Mike McDerment, CEO and co-founder ofFreshbooks in Toronto. Mike’s a serial entrepreneur who spends a lot of time giving back to the wider community by speaking at various tech conferences as well as lecturing at Humber College. He is also a founder of Toronto based Mesh Conference. After the keynote there are 4-6 demos followed by a live band. This is a completely open event, however, there is a donation ticket to help out starving musicians and the cost of providing entertainment.


The invited speaker is Howard Lindzon, CEO and cofounder of StockTwits in San Diego.  He was one of my favourite speakers at StartupEmpire back in 2008. Howard is sharing his love of startups and early stage entrepreneurs across Canada this summer. If you miss him at DemoCamp, make sure you catch him at StartupFestival in Montreal or Grow Conference in Vancouver. The demo lineup and tickets are being finalized this week.

Guelph in February

DemoCamp Guelph 15 - November 15, 2010I’m heading back to Guelph on February 9, 2011 to speak at DemoCampGuelph. I will be spending the day at Guelph Coworking talking startups, hiring and other things. I am still trying to figure out what to speak about in my 20 minute session at DemoCampGuelph. I had been thinking about the following things:

  • Why startups shouldn’t hire a marketer from Microsoft (and I promise not to read April’s brillant post aloud, well at least not word for word)
  • Press, PR and story telling – What you can learn from how we pick stories at StartupNorth

I’m happy to regale folks with the story about DemoCamp, or about how I ended up at Microsoft or why I left, or about anything.

Add a comment below with suggestions.

Guelph on Nov 17, 2010

DemoCamp Guelph 15 - November 15, 2010It looks like Brydon and the gang in Guelph is kicking asses and taking names. They are hosting their fifteenth DemoCamp. This is fantastic. The line up is great. You can hear one of Canada’s most relentless Internet CEO’s, Mike McDerment, talk about his experiences in building FreshBooks. (Make sure that you check out the redesigned DemoCampGuelph web presence).

April Dunford in Guelph

DemoCamp Guelph
Did you know that the next DemoCampGuelph is happening Wednesday July 21, 2010 at the The Ebar (41 Quebec St., Guelph, ON)?

It’s a chance to see April Dunford talk about Startup Marketing. April brings a unique enterprise focused view of product development and marketing. She is a world-class speaker talking about product marketing, product development and go-to-market strategies for emerging companies. April provided the keynote in Toronto in March 2010.

Sign up to attend on Guestlistapp

DCG13 – April 14 in Guelph

DemoCamp Guelph

Brydon and the gang in Guelph are hosting the next DemoCamp Guelph on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at the The Ebar (41 Quebec St., Guelph, ON). They are hosting our good friend Rob Hyndman who is a co-organizer of #HoHoTO, MeshU, and Mesh Conference. He’s also startup lawyer to the high tech stars. You can follow Rob on Twitter.

It’s great to see the efforts to connect the community in Guelph.

Guelph is in the can

Brydon has a great summary of DemoCampGuelph11. Bummed I missed it.

I’d write a summary of the night but luckily it’s done. The quick bits: Mathew Ingram spoke about how the Globe tries to run like a startup. Then we had demos from TribeHR, Declan Whelan, Steve Hanov, Don Walsh, Arni Mikelsons, and the audience favourite this time around Harry Scanlan.

Get your demo ready for #12 coming in December or January. Sign up to our google group linked off DCG site to stay up to date. My tip for demos? Treat them the same as pitches. I believe it was Austin Hill who summed it up best, hearts, minds, wallets.

Hearts: Tell me a story so I feel the pain you’re going to solve. Even in a technical demo you can pull this off. “So you’re up until 2am once again trying to cobble together yet another build by hand”. All you want is to get to the question “ok, I know what you’re talking about, but how are you going to solve that for me?”

Minds: Get into the techie bits of how you’re going to solve the problem you’ve now got me feeling, “my build tool will manage all your builds by…..”. The goal here is to get me to think “ok, I like that solution, how much?”

Wallets: How much, pricing model etc? Or if you’re raising money from me, how much and what are the details?

Mess up that order and you likely won’t get through it all or I’ll tune out. Most demos start with minds, then the crowd pushes them through questions to wallets and they never get to the hearts. Go for the heart first, make me cry first and then you’ll have my attention!!

Go west to Guelph on Sept 30, 2009



The Waterloo region gang is hard at work. First on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 there is StartupDrinks Waterloo. And the following night, September 30, there is StartupDrinks happening in Toronto, Montreal and  Ottawa. But if you live in Waterloo Region do not fret. You don’t have to make the precarious drive to downtown Toronto. You can go to Guelph, for DemoCamp.

Anyone in and around Guelph interested in software, the web and technology! Startup junkies, wage slaves, consultants, students, indie professionals, engineers, designers, money and marketing guys. If you want to see and talk about some interesting things, and get to know other people in the Guelph tech community, come on out! You don’t have to demo to attend.

Make sure you register to help the organizers know how much free beer to buy!

Invited Speaker

Mathew Ingram will be talking with us about how the Globe is trying to think more like a startup. Mathew is the Communities Editor of the Globe and Mail, a technology blogger and co-founder of the annual mesh conference in Toronto