Upcoming DemoCampHamilton events


When: Thursday February 9th 2012 @ 6:30pm-9:30pm
Where: The Arnie pub @ Mohawk College
Registration: democamphamilton5.eventbrite.com

Keynote: Ryan McGreal – Services-First: A Better Way to Build a Web Application

Ryan (@RyanMcgreal) will discuss design principles behind web service APIs and the possible value that can be unlocked when designing your web application in terms of web service APIs.

This will be followed by demos from FluidMedia, Nik Garkusha (@Nik_G), Mike Trpcic (@mtrpcic), Orbital (@GetOrbital), IdeaWorks, and Avaya web.alive (@joerigby1339).


When: Tuesday March 20th 2012 @ 6:30pm-9:30pm
Where: Twelve Eighty pub @ McMaster University
Registration: democamphamilton6.eventbrite.com

Keynote: Joel Augé – Building a great gaming company

Joel (@joelauge) is the CEO and Co-Founder of HitGrab Inc, a leader in social gaming. In March of 2008, HitGrab created MouseHunt, which is now one of the most successful (in terms of user engagement) games on Facebook. HitGrab has also created LevynLight, a ‘light’ fantasy RPG that’s focused on simplicity, allowing you to jump in at anytime and have quick bursts of fun throughout the day!

The demo line-up has yet to be finalized, but expect to see at least one of the student startups that are starting to come out of McMaster (such as DormBooth). Normally DemoCampHamilton events are scheduled 2-4 months apart… but after seeing firsthand during instruction of a UI design course how skilled and passionate some McMaster students are about game development, and after Joel agreed to keynote the event, an exception had to be made!

The Hamilton tech scene is set to pick up some steam over the next few months. Michael Canton (@valleytownmedia) and Tim Miron (@TJMiron) are producing a web series (#TechTalk4HamOnt) to spotlight the community. Kik Messenger platform evangelist Yuriy Blokhin (@yblokhin) will keynote Leap into Startup Weekend on February 29th – the ticket sale launch party for next April’s Startup Weekend. The city’s Open Data movement is planning The Bay Hackathon for March 2nd to March 4th. The successful eHealth\mHealth focused AppsForHealth conference will repeat in May 2012. StartupDrinks is now occurring every month. At least a couple people at DemoCampHamilton5 are planning to step up to the mic between demos to try to get the ball rolling on Codeacademy meetups and other community activities.

Anyone in the Southern Ontario region interested in our DemoCamp or these other activities is always welcome to come to Hamilton!

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