Guelph in February

DemoCamp Guelph 15 - November 15, 2010I’m heading back to Guelph on February 9, 2011 to speak at DemoCampGuelph. I will be spending the day at Guelph Coworking talking startups, hiring and other things. I am still trying to figure out what to speak about in my 20 minute session at DemoCampGuelph. I had been thinking about the following things:

  • Why startups shouldn’t hire a marketer from Microsoft (and I promise not to read April’s brillant post aloud, well at least not word for word)
  • Press, PR and story telling – What you can learn from how we pick stories at StartupNorth

I’m happy to regale folks with the story about DemoCamp, or about how I ended up at Microsoft or why I left, or about anything.

Add a comment below with suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Guelph in February

  1. April Dunford

    Oh you are most welcome to read it out loud! It would be really funny if you read it while making fun of my accent – I would probably drive to Guelph in a snow storm just to hear that. OK, that maybe wouldn’t be so much fun for the rest of the group but whatever…. ;-)
    Seriously though, I think both those topics are good ones (and things that some startups really struggle with).

  2. Jeremy Campbell

    I’m interested in attending this Guelph DemoCamp! Anyone Toronto startup entrepreneurs interested in taking a little road trip together out of the city next month? If so reply to @jeremycampbell on Twitter.


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