Vancouver rocks on July 22, 2010

Our friends at Bootup Entrepreneurial Society in Vancouver are hosting DemoCamp Vancouver 11 – Back to Basics Edition on July 22, 2010.

The format goes back audience voting. Head to the event, post your demo on the grid, then you get 30 seconds to pitch why you should be given a demo slot. This is a great format that hopefully changes it from “show” back to community gathering.

There will be no featured presentations. We are going back to the old school DemoCamp schedule.


  • come in the door and post your demo idea on the board
  • 30 minutes of meeting other attendees (promote your idea, get votes!)
  • presentation process starts at 6:00pm
  • 30 second elevator pitches by all presenters
  • attendees vote on top 4
  • we will have 4 x 6 minute talks (time limit enforced, includes feedback time!)


When: Thurday, July 22nd

Where: Ceili’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, 670 Smithe St., Vancouver

Time: Registration at 5:30pm, Presentation process at 6:00pm


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