Montreal – Dec 2, 2009

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PHP Quebec & ConFoo are hosting a Career DemoCamp on Wednesday, December 2,2009 in Montreal. It’s a very interesting concept, the goal is to introduce local developers to startups and other web projects for the purpose of employment. Apparently, Microsoft is paying for the space as part of TechDays Montreal and Joey, bless his heart, is giving back to the community.

The evening starts with a career workshop with sessions by:

DemoCamp has always been a great way for local companies to raise their profile in the development community. The goal to share what you’ve been working on with a larger group of individuals to get feedback, to raise awareness, to raise funding, to hire new employees, to get new people building on your API, etc. It’s great to see Joey and Jean-Luc Sans Cartier doing something different to engage the community in Montreal.

iCal File

Career DemoCamp Montreal iCal File

Date : Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009 at 6:30pm (20091202T18:30-05:00)
Centre Mont-Royal
2200, rue Mansfield Montréal, QC, H3A 3R8 [map]
International Room One

5 thoughts on “Montreal – Dec 2, 2009

  1. davidcrow

    I'm about to announce January 2010 & March 2010 DemoCamps in Toronto.

    I think it will make sense to do a “career” oriented one as part of these 2. December 2009 (#24) is almost set, but in early 2010 definitely.

    Who would you suggest be the speakers?

  2. Malcolm Bastien

    I think Pete Forde would be a good choice.

    Someone who's gone through a career change, who's work makes them happy (those ruby folk all seem like that). Someone who knows why they are doing what they do for a living.

    …..No marketers :)


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