Demoing on Dec 3, 2009

Wow there was 17 submissions for the 6 demo slots at DemoCamp Toronto #24 happening on December 3, 2009 which is now sold out. Thanks to everyone that applied. If you didn’t get accepted, you’ll have another chance, DemoCamp Toronto #25 and #26 are happening on January 26, 2010 and March 30, 2010.

  • GridCentric HCP Cloud platform
    Tim Smith, @timtoronto
    Short version: we have the equivalent of fork() for virtual machines. It’s cool.
  • DataTO
    Adam Thody, @thody, Architech
    DataTO is the community companion site to It is a space for community members to find, unlock, publish and use open data for civic, social and economic purposes.
  • 5 Blocks Out
    Oshoma Momoh, @5blocksout, Mukodu
    5 Blocks Out is an online community where people share local knowledge about neighbourhoods in their city. Think "Twitter meets Facebook, for neighbourhoods".
  • Datamartist
    James Standen, @jamesstanden, nModal
    Desktop data transformation tool- a visual, data scratchpad for use by analysts and IT departments.
  • Eqentia
    William Mougayar, @wmougayar
    Eqentia delivers smartly tailored Vertical News Environments™ that enable rapid business intelligence to its users. Eqentia focuses on special-purpose, professionally oriented subjects, and goes deeper and with more relevance than general-purpose news aggregators.
  • Cadmus
    Jay, @jayair, Anomaly Innovations
    Cadmus is a web service that filters out the noise from your stream (Twitter, FriendFeed and RSS) in real time by grouping similar posts together.

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