DemoCamp Toronto 20 Schedule

democamptoronto DemoCamp continues to evolve. It is first and foremost a social opportunity for entrepreneurial designers and developers to come together and share what they’ve been working on. The number of tickets for DemoCamp Toronto 20 are limited.

DemoCamp Toronto 20 is at 6pm, Monday May 25th, 2009, at the Imperial Pub and Library, 54 Dundas Street East. Find us upstairs in the Library!

The great news is that if you didn’t get a ticket there are other events happening in Toronto at the same time.

If you are a PR/social media professional and you want to learn about producing great video that people will want to watch and share, you should check out Third Tuesday Toronto featuring Amber MacArthur. Refresh Events latest event featuring Dré Labre talking about “what happens when subculture becomes pop culture? What small thing is going to become the next big thing?”. We need to celebrate the great work that others are doing to put together social events in Toronto.

We hope to see you at DemoCamp Toronto 20!
David, Leila, Jay & Joey


  1. Top secret reveal
    Mike McDerment, FreshBooks
  2. The radical Twitter Radio Tuner for your iPhone
    Martin Dufort, WhereCloud, Inc.
  3. 3D First Person Shooter Gamer In Only Flash
    Greg Thomson
  4. digiTweet: Windows Twitter Client
    Mano Kulasingam, DigiFlare
  5. Democratizing the Online Ticketing Industry….Finally!
    Adil Dhalla, Ticket Trunk
  6. Get fast, honest feedback from people you trust
    David Priemer, Rypple


  1. Building and Engaging with Communities in Real-Time
    Ilya Grigorik, AideRSS/Postrank
  2. WineAlign Canada’s Dominant Wine Site
    Brian McCaw, WineAlign
  3. The Legend of Zealot Anarchist Robot
    Adam Goucher
  4. Startups: how to get press!
    Ali Asaria,
  5. Backfed – Distributed Micro-Patronage
    Josh Newman,
  6. Being a Lonely Freelancer in Toronto is Yesterday’s News
    Rachel Young,

DemoCamp Toronto 20 wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the generous support of the community members and our sponsors.

And our individual sponsors include:

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