DCT19 – Schedule

Great line-up for DemoCamp Toronto 19. Still looking for 2 kickass Ignite presentations, contact me if you think you can rock the house.


  • akoha
    Akoha is the world’s first social reality game where you can earn points by playing real-world missions with your friends.
  • backtype-logo
    is a conversational search engine that indexes millions of comments from across the web so they can be discovered, followed and shared.
  • dexlogo
    is a professional networking and CRM app.  It’s like if linkedin, salesforce.com and xobni had a (smart) baby. 
  • foodea.com
    is where food lovers connect to share their passion. Users can contribute food ideas, discover new ones, and inspire each other.
  • imagespark
    Image Spark
    is a tool aimed at creative professionals that lets you upload, discover and organize images that inspire your work. http://www.Twitter.com/imgspark
  • kontagent-logo
    Albert Lai, Kontagent: Get Viral. Get Kontagent. Viral Engineering – More analytics, less STDs

Ignite Presentations

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