DemoCampToronto17 – It’s a wrap

Wow, another great event. Just a fantastic set of demos and great lineup of Ignite presentations. Thanks go out to all of the sponsors and the Toronto Board of Trade for hosting the event. The goal of these events continues to be to help Toronto’s designers, technologists and entrepreneurs connect with each other. There is an opportunity to create a better environment for participants and attendees to network with each other. The challenges I described about my networking efforts at StartupCampMontreal are present at DemoCampToronto. There are a lot of tools available: Facebook group, blogs, the wiki, the mailing list amongst others. I’m going to spend some time brainstorming about how we can improve the experience of network, i.e., it’s not a business card exchange, how do you seed meaningful relationships and opportunities as part of attendance.

For details about the DemoCampToronto experience check out the feedback from:

Michele Perras has provided details about how to win tickets to ICE08 for DemoCampToronto participants.

Innovation. Creativity. Enterprise. ICE 2008 is the platform for  showcasing and discussing these themes, bringing together the best in  digital media in Canada and abroad. ICE08 looks across the media and  tech landscape, identifying the trends and issues that will shape our  digital future. We want to know what that future looks like to you – who are the leaders, what are the brightest ideas, and with what tools  will the future in Canada be created? What’s your vision?
Tell us in approximately 300 words (or 2 minutes)! All forms of  bloggable media are accepted, and must be tagged with “ICE08″ to be  eligible. Posts will be juried by members of io and the Democamp community, and the criteria of innovation, creativity and enterprise  must be addressed.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on March 14, 2008. If you  win, and have already registered, your ticket will be refunded 100%. Early Bird registration ends at midnight on February 29, 2008.

Remember there is also a DemoCampICE happening. Jay mentioned it last night. Great opportunity to engage with your audience. Submit your Demo or Ignite presentation to present at DemoCampICE.

The rules are pretty simple. The session runs an hour and 15 minutes.  Demos and Ignite talks are 5 minutes. Demoers don’t get PowerPoint/Keynote/etc. (if you really need slides, please talk to the DemoCamp  Stewards after your session has been accepted). Remember: demos are not a sales pitch! Use your time on stage to inspire the community and  to show off your accomplishments. Ignite presentations are 20 slides x 15 seconds/slide and the presenter does not have control over the slide advancement. All Ignite decks must be submitted to the Stewards before the event in PowerPoint format.
We’re looking for Ontario interactive media and technology companies to celebrate and inspire the community. If you’re interested, fill out the form. Please note that we’re looking for talks that will inspire and teach, not recruiting or product pitches.

Thanks everyone for a great night. Hope to see you at the next one!

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